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Syntronics Forensic Systems Division develops and manufactures equipment for detecting and enhancing latent fingerprints and blood samples —LatentMaster.

The detection of Latent fingerprints is enhanced by the ability to use a variety of light sources spanning the optical spectrum. LatentMaster is the only workstation which has a proprietary, high sensitivity solid state video camera (not a CCD camera) with all quartz optics that spans the spectrum from infrared (1100 nm) to deep ultra-violet (200 nm) . The camera sees what the human eye cannot, and the image is displayed, in real time, on a high resolution computer monitor. In many cases latent fingerprints can be detected and lifted without chemical treatment, using ultra-violet absorption, ultra-violet reflection, or ultra-violet fluorescence.

LatentMaster lifts latent fingerprints with the press of a button! Unlike conven­tional photography, you see displayed on the computer monitor exactly what you will lift so that optimum results are obtained every time. Not only does LatentMaster save time, but in many cases, a better lift is obtained than can be achieved with photography. Latent fingerprints which can be seen by the eye, or seen after dusting or chemical treatment can be immediately and non-destructively lifted. The lifted prints are stored on a disk file in the computer for later viewing, image enhancement or hardcopy printout.




The LatentMaster WorkStation

The latent fingerprint below is from an actual case, deposited on electrical tape used in constructing a letter bomb. The latent was lifted with UV illumination and enhanced using LatentMaster Fingerprint Software.



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